Wordless Wednesday: First Day of Kindergarten

Breathing deeply, blinking a lot. Smiling bigger. Gahhhhhhh the day is here: Kindergarten.

Ben & I joined millions of other parents from around the world this fall as we said good by to our oldest child entering his first year of school. We made it. :)


He woke up and came out wearing just his back pack and with a sleepy smile murmured, “I’m ready to go to kindergarten.” We responded, “…umm.. .Better get dressed first!”


first day of kindergarten

kindergarten 2013kindergarten 2013

kindergarten 2013

kindergarten 2013

“Stop taking my picture!” he said so much like a 6-year-old boy.

kindergarten 2013

“I don’t need to hold your hand!” Ben’s hand stayed close.


 …and when we left, hands sweaty, our child in his new school and got in the car- we realized how sad Bug was. He’s going to miss his brother this year!



Interviews with Bear: First Day of Kindergarten

  • gfmomof3

    Oh I love it! It makes me cry just seeing it and remembering the boys’ very first days of school! Hope he has a wonderful experience in kindergarten!

  • Katy Schmidt

    Love all the photos, such a precious moment and I am continually impressed by our wonderful little Bear!!!

  • Stacia

    Really cute! :o)

  • Hailee

    This is so sweet! I have shared your post with our families at https://www.facebook.com/VanderbiltWS- they love to see these big moments!