My sweet family…

Today we went to have our family pictures made. It was a beautiful, clear fall day. The kind that makes your blood rush in excitement, the leaves were colorful and bright- even the ones on ground still retained their intensity that this fall has provided. The wind tousled our hair and the children, those darling little angles, were…


Yes. In spite of all the magic around us, Bear and Bug chose to see the glass half empty and then wanted to throw it around a room and stomp it into shards.

OK, that is a little dramatic, but seriously:  they jumped, kicked, screamed, hit each other and pulled my beautiful curled curls.

In these moments, I breathe deep, laugh if I can so the tears don’t mess up my mascara. We took several pictures in the studio where Bug ran around screeching and pulling down the lighting equipment (and everything he could get a hold of) and Bear sat, charmingly on a little chair beaming at the camera until Bug came any where near him. Then it was violence. And that was the only instance we got any good pictures of Bug- when he got the chair from Bear he’d sit and smile like he saw Bear doing. Which… worked.

We sat on the floor with the back drop behind us. Me pulling my dress down, Bug pulling my dress back up, grabbing my grey fishnets and hair. I was sweating, swearing under my breath and smiling, tight lipped, hoping  that the photographer wouldn’t capture my double chin.

The photographer was amazing. She laughed, prayed for us and took us outside when it was clear her studio would be in shambles if we remained in there a moment longer. Once outside they ran in circles, (in the opposite direction,) threw leaves, dug in the mud and hit each other. We walked to some close by pretty areas, smiled through ground teeth and bribed with candy and fries.

Once over, we leaned back on the head rests in the  car as they screamed in their car seats. But restrained, we didn’t have to care for a moment.

Our best picture was the one we were each holding a leg of a child up side down, if that tells you anything. I can’t wait to frame them.


  • Bonnie

    I’m sooooo excited to have some of these framed and haven’t even seen them yet!! :) The story behind it will be the most memorable and will bring a smile to my face whenever I look at the pics!!!!!

  • Melanie

    That’s awesome. Well, not for you, but in a way that makes me say “Yes! My kids are NORMAL!” We drove up to Eureka Springs a couple of weekends ago just to shoot some fall pics of the kids. You would think by now they would cooperate (at 7, 9 and 11) but not a chance. We did get some good individual pics but get all 3 of them together and there was pinching and poking and bunny ears and whining…I give up.

  • Heidi

    See- THAT makes me feel better. Kind of. OH MAN- I was hoping they’d eventually get along! HAH!

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