Living Locally: Freshair {Fayetteville}


Shelby, owner of Freshair

Photo credit to Rebecca Pilotte Photography

As part of my “Living Local” series I’ve started this spring, I decided to poll my friends on Facebook and  ask others in person, what their favorite local places to shop were. Most people got excited about 1 or 2 stores and had a quick sales pitch of why they liked that place. After talking to a few hundred people who live in this area, I felt that I had a good idea of what most locals and blog readers like. Last month I decided to visit each store recommended to me. I was able to chat with the owners and learn about what makes them special and unique.

I felt that this series also fit in perfectly with April’s theme of Inner & Outer beauty.  (Read my intro post to the Beauty Series) and see last week’s fun post.

Over the next few weeks I’ll share some of the best places to shop in Northwest Arkansas based on YOUR suggestions. Even if you don’t live in NW Arkansas, you will probably still enjoy all the posts because we are getting fashion tips from the experts! With a wide variety of shops visited, there is something for everyone.

Freshair Salon {Fayetteville}

My first thought when a friend said, “You should shop at Freshair for some inexpensive, cute clothes!” was just- “Are you sure- Freshair? Isn’t that a HAIR salon?”

I have a friend who works there and in my mind it was just a HAIR SALON. My friend then affirmed that Freshair INDEED had started to sell … Trendy, inexpensive clothes and accessories?


Of course I had to check this out and so when I started my Living Locally series last month, I knew that this hybrid salon and boutique had to be mentioned. I mean, how convenient! While you are waiting to get your hair done by an amazing group of talented stylists, you have a boutique to browse in! How is this not a thing at EVERY hair salon? Freshair had it all- trendy, well priced clothes, amazing jewelry as well as some of the best hair and body products around.

The owner, Shelby, was amazing to talk to and I had followed her Facebook Fan page for awhile for great, quick deals on products I love. They were actually voted the Best Salon in Washington County by the AND the Kid’s Directory! She laughed as she told me how the boutique was started in a completely unconventional way. One day she had her outfit for after work laid out at the front ready to grab, and customer after customer was excited and asked if Shelby had started to sell clothes. After it happened a few more times, it dawned on her to actually create a “one stop” boutique where customers could shop as they waited to get their hair done! The results have been extremely successful and she gets new items in frequently to restock.  With boutique fashion at much lower prices than a lot of places in town, Shelby is staying around!

Shelby also has an exclusive contract to sell Moroccan Oil BODY lotion and products. Moroccan oil (for hair) is my FAVORITE product for my boys hair and I, so I was so excited to realize that they had a full body line that smelled amazing. I know that my mom loves nice body lotions and hair products and NEVER spends any money on herself so I made a mental note to come back her for Mother’s Day…


The selection changes, but the overall sense of fun fashion doesn’t- check out these amazing, fun pics of one of the beautiful ladies that works there {and I} modeling some of the cute clothes off the rack.


 For this summer, coral and mint are HUGE. Maxi dresses are still in style but a lot of them are sheer from the knee down. I loved the one above! Large hats are perfect for vacation and pool time. The chunky, bauble necklaces from the winter have spring and summer versions that are a bit lighter and Freshair had an amazing selection of affordable priced jewelry! The next time you are in Fayetteville, you should go by Freshair to check out what they have- even if you don’t have a hair appoinment, feel free to shop. :)


 In the interest of being 100% transparent, I did not receive ANY financial benefit (whether gift cards, discounts, coupons, etc) in any way for doing this series. I wanted to educate my readers and have a fun series on beauty, fashion and living in Northwest Arkansas.
  • Sarea Clark

    Holy Goodness!~ I hate shopping, but I could really get into going into these cute local shops and sprucing up my wardrobe!

  • Sherryk

    This was such a great post and everything in the pictures makes me want to buy everything I see.

  • lindseylu

    I love me a good Maxi dress!

  • Shelby

    Love this Heidi!! Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments!!! We really appreciate your kind words about Freshair Salon!

  • Harmony

    Such a gorgeous model! Wherever did you find her?
    Fun to be caught up on the new trends! Thanks!!