Living Locally: The Grey Dog {Fayetteville}

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As part of my “Living Local” series I’ve started this spring, I decided to poll my friends on Facebook and  ask others in person, what their favorite local places to shop were. Most people got excited about 1 or 2 stores and had a quick sales pitch of why they liked that place. After talking to a few hundred people who live in this area, I felt that I had a good idea of what most locals and blog readers like. Last month I decided to visit each store recommended to me. I was able to chat with the owners and learn about what makes them special and unique– as well as do a fun fashion shoot with a friend!

I felt that this series also fit in perfectly with April’s theme of Inner & Outer beauty.  (Read my intro post to the Beauty Series) and see last week’s fun post.

Over the next few weeks I’ll share some of the best places to shop in Northwest Arkansas based on YOUR suggestions. Even if you don’t live in NW Arkansas, you will probably still enjoy all the posts because we are getting fashion tips from the experts! With a wide variety of shops visited, there is something for everyone.


A girl that I used to work with, Jerra Nalley, suggested this store to me a few months ago. I always loved Jerra’s old school fashion sense. She always looked fashionable but with an individual and vintage twist on it which is pretty rare.

I went down to the store and immediately fell in love. The store was bright and sunny with floor to ceiling windows all around and trees framing the store. I had the feeling of being in a tree house almost, with treasures from decades of fashion lovers on display!

I  called up my in real life blogger friend Jacqueline Presley to come shopping with me. We both love hand-me-downs, vintage stores and eclectic fashion so I knew she was a perfect fit for the Grey Dog!

The Grey Dog {Fayetteville}


As Jacqueline and I shopped and tried on different outfits put together by an amazing employee at the store, Molly, the beautiful owner, came in with an armful of recent finds. That fits her and this store perfectly. This store actually used to be in a small trailer and outgrew it! I didn’t even know that until I told a few friends that I was doing a post on the Grey Dog and their initial response to ask if they had moved from their location in a trailor! Even in a small space, this store really made a local impact.

I really felt like I was in my fashionista Great-Grandmother’s closet which may not seem like the best compliment unless you knew her. She was a fashionista before there was fashionistas. All of my fashion sense and love comes from her. I loved her and she had an enormous impact on my life, even though she passed away when I was still a girl.

There were so many things to choose from! I went from boxy purse (a very in-fashion trend right now) to head scarfs (another big trend) and shoppped their vintage sunglasses and bright shoes. Really, there isn’t a way to pick wrong and I think that is what I liked the most. Expressing yourself with  unique fashion is never out of style. 

I asked Jacqueline to share her thoughts on the store as well.  


“I was super excited when Heidi asked if I would join her at Gray Dog as part of her series on shopping locally.  I am a stay-at-home-mama & rarely have a reason to get dressed up or be somewhere without my kids!

90% of my closet is second-hand, so It was fun to check out Gray Dog.  It’s a super cute shop.  It’s a great if you love vintage, but don’t dig going out & finding it.  Everything has already been created for you.  The employees act as your stylist, so that’s great if you’re like me & have no idea what to put together.

Everyone was really helpful & made it fun to shop.  There was a VERY cool pair of high-waisted sailor pants that you would have seen a picture of if I had been able to pull them off that day. I also loved the mint green dress they laid out for me.  I will be getting more of that color from here on out.  It’s very boutique-y in there & that just makes it more fun.  It feels like a hang out.  I want them to have like an event on the patio & invite us back.” ~Jacqueline


I LOVED shopping here and felt the outfits were unlike any other store I visited. They were rich, full of history and unique.  Stripes and polka dots? YES. Small red heels with a belted blue dress with light faded silver polka dots and a red head scarf? YES. They found a red lipstick that WORKED for me and I felt like a woman. I highly encourage you to visit the Grey Dog and find a style that works for you in an amazing and individual way.

In the interest of being 100% transparent, I did not receive ANY financial benefit (whether gift cards, discounts, coupons, etc) in any way for doing this series. I wanted to educate my readers and have a fun series on beauty, fashion and living in Northwest Arkansas.
  • Sarea Clark

    Heidi!!! I LOVE the blue dress/red shoes/lipstick/scarf combo!!! SERIOUSLY love it!

  • TheBusyNothings

    I LOVED it. Loved, loved, loved it. :)

  • Jacqueline Presley

    I love your polka dot skirt! I like you in that tons.

  • Sherryk

    I love this post so much!!!!! Heidi I love the blue dress and the red lips!!!! love it.

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