… was Mother’s Day. I had a perfect day full blue skies, the warm sun, happy voices, picnics, sleeping late, a new mint dress, famous art that made my heart pound and Starbucks. :)

Maybe no day is truly perfect (Bear refused to listen to us while he rode his bike on a pathway and crashed an Indian Kite Festival) but perhaps it was the small mistakes, frustrations and “SMILE DANGGIT AT GRANDMA!” as well as “DON’T TOUCH THE NORMAN ROCKWELL PAINTING!” that made the day that much sweeter.

Life,with it’s mess and imperfections sometimes is simply brilliant and I store it all up, praying against another famine.

I hope your day was perfect and blessed.

PS We are taking off a few months of the Real Love Series to focus on LIFE in summertime and busyness. We will pick this back up in soon!



  • lindseylu

    Is it bad that I laughed at the fact that Bear crashed into an Indian kite festival? haha. That is the most random, awesome fact ever. :)

  • TheBusyNothings

    It was pretty hilarious! He went to the pavilion at the park across from Crystal Bridges and it was full of some very kind, friendly Indians who were blasting bollywood music, eating delicious smelling Indian foods and had these dozens of paper kites all around. I was kind of jealous- what a fun group of people! I wanted to stay! ;))