Wordless Wednesday

Bug photo bombing a picture of my Grandparents from the weekend. :)

photo (3)

I had an amazing time in south Texas, near Austin. Vacation was restful (mostly) and family time was soul satisfying. The travel had it’s ups and downs with the kids getting restless but overall, the time was perfection and I felt a sense of satisfaction when we loaded up the diry, sweaty kids and got back on the road. :) Ohh, and it didn’t hurt that the blue bonnets were in full bloom and the air was spring coolness and bright green.

  • Harmony

    That’s what I need is a vacation!! Glad you guys were able to go, and you had a good time!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=20620796 Katy Nelson Schmidt

    I miss them so much! Thy look so happy & still in love for so many years. and love little curious Bug :)