why I need a PDA

I just finished clipping my too-long toenails on Snickerdoodle who is sitting in my sink napping and I was musing over this week. It wasn’t super bad or anything, I just managed to screw up like I wrote about in another blog. I decided to hi-light the best of the worst:

-so TODAY, for example. It started out good, Summit woke up around a quarter to 8 so we put him in his swing to get an extra hour of sleep. We hadn’t used the swing in awhile and it’s a treat for Summit. I woke up and hit Ben accidentally at 10:45. When church starts. When we were suppose to be there to do nursery.
I sent Summi in his pj’s with Ben who got ready in 5 minutes ahead to church so at least he would be there to help and tell them I was on my way. I was going to just go with them, but I realized that I had a baby shower to go straight to after church so I couldn’t just go in jeans and a tee-shirt. I had to look nice as a hostess! I nearly had a heart attack getting ready as quick as I could after Ben left, I was so pissed at myself. What is ‘funny’ is as soon as I got to the nursery at church the other worker told me Kim’s water had broke this morning so the shower was canceled.

-Also TODAY. I forgot to call my friendship family student from the U of A that I had invited to watch the super bowl with us. Oops. Great American family. I am the worst Friendship family host ever. I invite her to do something with us and don’t follow up. She couldn’t go last minute (surprise) but I guess at least I tried… sort of. If you think I’m being hard on myself, think again…

-last Saturday. I am running LATE for the Friendship Family Hosting Luncheon. Its from 10:30-12 and at 11:20 I’m running around the U of A campus trying to find the location. I get a CALL from one of the guys who runs it, “where the heck are you? She’s been waiting an hour for you.” We make great first impressions in the Clark household!!!!!!

-Thursday. I was working on an important mailout from last Friday for the church that had, I mean, HAD to go out by the end of the month which was this Thursday, the 31st. I actually insisted that I could do it all, talked Karen into it, and told her I’d put it in the mail MONDAY. I completely let her down. I’m still sick to my stomach about this one.

-Thursday Night. This one is alleged… Some friends called me to hang out and I apparently told them I’d call them back and didn’t. hmmm. I “dissed” them. lol. I don’t feel that bad about this one, I think it’s kind of funny. Sorry though!

-I forgot to bring cash for the pizza at the Super Bowl party

-I forgot to bring cash to Julie’s for babysitting Summit for the second week in a row

-Have I mentioned that Summit has NO photo album to speak of and tons of pictures on the camera card??!! I’ve GOT to get on the ball before his first birthday!

I have been told being a mom makes you crazy, but this insanity is beyond anything I could ever have imagined!!!! Even as I’m typing I’m making a mental list of things I HAVE GOT TO DO this week that I’ve procrastinated doing for awhile. Take your birth control, my friends, this rodeo isn’t for the weak and I’m about to get thrown. 😉

PS. I just did spell check and I’m ecstatic that I didn’t mis-spell ANY words, unless it isn’t working! Rock ON!

Son of a blank. I just re-edited this post for labels, and I misspelled like 10 words. The spell check must NOT have been working. (I freakin’ even misspelled “misspelled”.)

  • Sarea

    Oh my gosh!! I just got stressed out reading it! LOL I need to get you the copies of my time management thing! I love it! Can’t wait to see you tonight!