Working Full-Time & Exercising {VLOG}

  • Brian

    I’m a distance runner who juggles two kids with work, usually try to go to bed around 10 PM – get up around 5 AM and run then. Takes about 2 weeks to get used to going to bed at 10 and getting up at 5 – but after that, it’s not hard at all.

  • TheBusyNothings

    Thanks for sharing Brian! you are right- I really just need to get up in the morning that FIRST time! I can do it! :) I think I can, I think I can… lol

  • Susan

    Hey Heidi! I feel your struggle and I don’t have any kids. Getting up in the morning is my biggest challenge, one I fail at more than I succeed. With my latest challenge I don’t have any room for failure if I am to achieve it, so getting up at least 3 days to run is a must. Like Brian said, rest is very important; it’ll make or break your success. Making it routine will make it so much easier too. Always allow for enough time to get the workout in and then be able to relax for 10-15 minutes afterwards to mentally prepare for the day. I normally have a cup of hot tea (sometimes just water) while sitting outside listening to things waking up. This helps to prepare for my run later in the day, my work day, and any other commitments I have. I’ve grown to where I look forward to these few minutes after my run, makes getting up to run that much easier. Hope this helps some.

  • TheBusyNothings

    that helps a lot- it’s just hard mentally to feel like I can actually get myself UP OUT OF BED and run. I think seriously if I just do it once I’ll be able to keep it up. Thanks and we still need to TRY TO HAVE LUNCH! :)

  • Amy Brockhoff Neal

    Hello Heidi. I recently went back to work full time last week after working part time for 9 years. So far, I’m mananging OK but exercising is the thing I miss the most. My plan is to run at least once or twice a week and attend the local boot camp class that I love once a week. I’m sure some weeks will be harder than others but I plan to make it a priority. Good luck. You will find a balance in your life and it will all work out:)

  • Mel Lockcuff

    Heidi, I so feel your struggle, because I’m struggling too. With school starting back up, I really feel like I desperately need the energy that exercising regularly has given me in the past, not to mention the stress relief it gives. About the only time I have to exercise would be about 5 am, but the past 2 weeks (I kid you not), I’ve set my alarm for 6, hoping to work up to 5am…. only I haven’t made it out of bed before 7. I’m not usually going to bed at night until 11 or 12, so doesn’t leave much time for sleep, let alone exercise.:) I’d honestly be willing to work together…. I’m so tired, and I know I need to get up and get myself going for the day by getting on the treadmill and working out. Accountability to someone else has helped in the past, and it might work again…. just a suggestion that I’m willing to try.:)