Velveeta Equals Personal Feast


As a single mother, I rely on my boys to help out around the house a lot. Typically my boys are always ready to help out where ever they are needed.  However, some things take me asking more than once:

“Please take out the trash.”

“I need the lawn mowed.”

“Did someone feed the cats this morning?”

Other things only need to be mentioned casually:

“I need to put new brakes on the car…”  BAM, they are there and ready to assist in any manner they can.  Ethan was very happy to help out and use the power tools.  After his Uncle Brian showed him what he needed to do, he went to work!

Ethan Working HardThere are certain things that the boys enjoy doing, and being able to ‘cook’ their own dinner/snacks is one of those things.  They were pretty excited when I told them about Velveeta Skillet Singles!  They are ALWAYS saying “I’m hungry, what is there to eat?” (No joke, even if we just finished eating.)   I found a coupon in the July 18th Sunday Paper for $1 off, so we used that which made it less than $1.50 each.

CouponShopping with these three monkeys always makes for a great trip! If you want to see the rest of my shopping trip, check out my Google Plus Album.

Shopping with kidsI loved that it only takes 60 seconds to heat up!

#PersonalFeastIt is easy enough that the kids can do it themselves too.  (Of course, Ethan has been helping me cook for years now and his specialty is scrambled eggs, bacon and biscuits. We worked on him making gravy last week.  His wife is going to love me!)

Heat and ServeThere were several different types to choose from, so we are going to try them all and see which ones we like the best. The kicker was being able to squeeze the extra Velveeta cheese into it after it was heated up…it is so creamy.  Velveeta Mac and Cheese is the only kind that Ethan likes…He calls it the one with ‘the good cheese’.

Microwaveable MealEthan liked the Lasagna with Meat Sauce one. I think it is going to be my favorite too.

EthanGarrett was very skeptical at first…(This photo cracks me up!)

Garrett is skepticalOne bite though and he was thumbs up!  We will keep these handy for when they need just a tad bit more food than I have prepared, or something to tide them over until I get supper made.  I’m also going to let Velveeta know what we thought of their product.  They love getting feed back!  You can contact them on Twitter and Facebook.

Garrett ApprovesWhat is your quick and easy go to for hungry kids and husbands?

  • Bonnie

    I can see this being their diet in college :)

  • Mal M

    I miss you…and your 3 kids. They have grown up on me. Rey probably don’t even remember ‘Big Mal’

  • Kathy

    Your boys are so cute!!! I bet they love this Velveeta!

  • Tonia@thegunnysack

    I’m glad they enjoyed them! I’ve got to try them for the men in my life!