This week’s Top 5

My top 5 for this week: (in no particular order)

5. Getting to know and work with Christy this week for SavingAmericasMustangs! It’s always great to “meet” someone from Twitter and Christy has been as amazing to work with as I thought she’d be. :) Check out her blog over at Insanity is NOT an option! She sparkles and twinkles.

4. Working from home this week was therapy. Silent house with no kids… I never put make-up or pants on and was amazingly productive and *comfortable*. 

working from home benefits! dual monitors!

3. Lunch at Tusk & Trotter for the first time with local blogger and fashionista, Approaching Joy! She is genuine and fun to share a cheese board with. :) Check  out her blog for some fun fashion ideas!

cheeseboard at Tusk & Trotter- who have an amazing local foodie relationshiop with the Bentonville Farmer’s Market!

2. Getting pummelled by a massage therapist- not the relaxing kind, but the kind that leaves you feeling like a piece of tenderized meat. Oh, and he was *completely high*. He spent an additional 30 minutes showing me stretches to help my back so hopefully I’ll be able to fix the problem and not have to keep spending money on chiropractors and massage therapists!

1. For the Collective Bias people- the “not at BlogHer” support group really made me happy. 😀 Love to know there are others that feel like me- like everyone is at the Prom and I’m at home dateless! Thanks to whoever said that!


Have a great weekend all!

  • Sherryk

    Um that food looks so amazing!!!!! Oh my goodness that makes me realize even more why when after a week of camp all you want is restaurant food… haha

  • clgossett

    I’m so happy I clicked on here tonight and although this is in no particular order, I was honored to see our new connection first! Heidi, you are a pleasure and a joy to work with. When we get on the phone, I feel like I’m talking to an old high school buddy or college roommate (but I’m sorry I take so much of your time). I’m so happy we connect and I feel honored to be your friend! Oh and will you go to the prom with me next year? 😉

  • Heidi C.

    ohh Christy, I’d be honored. :)

  • lindseylu

    LOL at the “not at BlogHer” support group :) and I also laughed when you said you didn’t wear pants. For some reason the thought of actually working in your underwear made me giggle. ha! (and I figured you probably weren’t in your underwear– and if you were please don’t tell me— but clearly I’m not mature enough to not think that :)

  • Sherryk

    I thought the same thing when I read that as well. haha

  • Heidi C.

    No- literally I didn’t wear pants. lol- I probably should have NOT said that but man, it was comfortable! 😀

  • Heidi C.

    all I ever want is restaurant food.. like right now!

  • lindseylu

    hahahahaha. Oh Heidi. This is why I love you. Also, re: your comment about always wanting restaurant food? I’m the same way. Thank the Lord for money I make from blogging. It supports my bad habit.