Wordless Wednesday: Post-Vacation

post vacation

Originally I published this as a true wordless wednesday- NO WORDS, but felt after publishing it needed more. I took this last night around 10:30, when the tylonol pm had kicked in to help me sleep in spite of the fact my sinus infection is keeping me awake- the infection I work up with on my first day of vacation. The one which somehow Ben caught and after driving all day he didn't need a tylonol … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Video Edition

I know, I really don't get the concept of "Wordless Wednesday" most of the time. Not only do I put words in most of my "Wordless" Wednesdays, but today I'm adding a new element. A video. Bug has a meltdown over his tattoo being "wiped" off in the bath and then wants me to make a new, bigger one with yellow paper. I love the unpredictable, illogical mind of a child. :) Link to video- it won't … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday


It's not about the toys, it's about intentional love and time you give to your kids, to help grow and develop them into the best possible humans they can be. Ones that care, are passionate about life and love others sacrificially. Sometimes... however... toys are just so much fun to give to our kids. Case in point: a kid's 4-wheeler. It causes endless drama, my heart pounds when they go … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

photo (3)

Bug photo bombing a picture of my Grandparents from the weekend. :) I had an amazing time in south Texas, near Austin. Vacation was restful (mostly) and family time was soul satisfying. The travel had it's ups and downs with the kids getting restless but overall, the time was perfection and I felt a sense of satisfaction when we loaded up the diry, sweaty kids and got back on the road. :) Ohh, … [Read more...]