stupid things well-meaning people say


Sitting  up in my seat with my laptop cradled, I worked from my favorite Fayetteville coffee shop earlier this week. It's the one I don't work from much because of all the faces that I know and good talk more than work happens, which is all fun but not always good when deadlines fast approach. I wished the dark corners of the shop were open but instead I sat framed in the sunlight from the … [Read more...]

Belief. {a very Wordless Wednesday}

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Belief. … [Read more...]

Day 6 #30daysofThanksgiving


Day 6: I'm so thankful for my 2 healthy boys. Despite therapies, the occasional surgery and food allergies we are really a super healthy family. I love that Bear is growing and developing so well despite some early set backs! I'm thankful that I can look forward to a life with him, that the biggest health symptoms of William's Syndrome are not things we even have to think about. I'm so thankful … [Read more...]

Joy in the waiting


Lately I've been feeling the itch of the burnt out here on my blog. I haven't felt like doing much of what interests me typically. I've been sleeping more. I think it's seasonal. I love the first blush of fall and the changing weather makes my skin pulse with expectation of an adventure and the staleness of sitting still aggravates. I dream of tomorrow, hope for the future and longing … [Read more...]