Sweet Dreams…Thanks To Vintage Trouble


So, I am curious, did you watch Vintage Trouble on Jay Leno's show  tonight last night?  I couldn't wait to let you know my thoughts! First, I don't have tv...I mean, I HAVE a tv, but it only plays Netflix and DVD's.  So, because I am already a dedicated fan (yeah, it only took a few days), I drove up the hill to my parents house to watch the show.  My mom was very sweet and had the tv turned … [Read more...]

They still make REAL music!

music notes

I love music...a lot. Music has really defined some great (and not so great) moments in my life.  I hear a song and it takes me somewhere...Sometimes it takes me back and sometimes it allows me to look forward.  Really great music just lets you BE. I am an 80's girl, but I take pride in the fact that I listen to anything, provided that I can understand or at least be able to read the … [Read more...]