Sibling Love {Happy Valentine’s Day!}


He's 4, my mighty one. and already he carries too heavy of a burden as a special needs sibling.  He's perceptive and reads situations and emotions better than most adults.  He loves his brother and already has taken on the emotional weight of being a helper and protector. Don't misunderstand. He is so very normal too.  He loves, laughs, fights (way too much...) and yells at his brother … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day {the fun and the beauty}

Jasmine ( brought me a surprise gift by and made me laugh! Friends like this are a rare beauty and I appreciate her so much!

Some years are romantic, some are relaxing. This year was right for us. We ate lunch at Chick-fil-a as a family, made valentine's for our Japanese exchange student and I made and decorated cupcakes for everyone. It was just... right. I hope yours was magical and just right for you as well. … [Read more...]