Super Heroes & an Old Enemy


My boys. My crazy little bundles of energy every day amaze and challenge me. The other day someone said, "I hope I'm as cool as a mom as you are," and they meant it! ....and it left me (flattered, yes) confused. Me? Geez- I assume people read my Facebook and Twitter updates to either remind themselves why they don't really want kids deep down, or to make the other crazy moms feel like at least if … [Read more...]

Real Love… The beginning patchwork of something beautiful


Love..... such a word in our culture. Often it is just that, a word.  In the same breath that we say we have the deepest and most adoring love for someone we also so passionately proclaim the love we have for the new Taco Bell Doritos taco.  We are not only a culture that doesn't understand true love but we don't even have the words in our language to begin to understand it. While you … [Read more...]

old-fashioned conversation vs. culturally relevant jargon

I'll be the first to admit this- I can be a bit slooooooow. I was slow to get Facebook, Twitter and Blogging- and really, really slow to get a Mac. Don't misunderstand that for laziness, I really didn't see the need for any of that until I HAD it and then the lightbulb went off above my head, the "ahhhh, now I get it." moment.  I suppose I can take this as far as conversationally I'm a bit … [Read more...]

To Love Myself: Health and Truth

in the Light

After not being able to eat a meal for 4 days because of a bad case of strep throat, I began to appreciate how delicious food is and LIFE giving. Every time I'd try to eat I'd be choking it down and the effort to swallow felt like needles stabbing me. This was a terrible, terrible ordeal and in the middle of it I found myself bargaining with God for health, praying to God for health and … [Read more...]