A Fine Dime: Hipster Style (guest post)


Meet Sherry from Sherry K Letters! Many people truly have their own style and wear what they love and what they feel comfortable in and I also determine many things I wear by these desires as well.  I am, however, beginning to learn that while many people work hard to have their own mind in their style and do not allow anything or anyone to influence how they dress, the cold hard truth is … [Read more...]

A Fine Dime: Belting Baggy Dresses


I am a collector of other people's hand-me-downs, thrift store scraps and garage sale discards. This dress was featured in my original post at NWA Motherloade but I never really said where I got the stuff so I decided to revisit this picture. I love grey!  This dress was off a rack at a Goodwill in Boulder, CO. I think that I've said this before, but anytime you travel, visit the local … [Read more...]

A Fine Dime: Casual Fridays


I know it's Thursday... RIGHT? I have lost track of the days with Bear home from school and have sorely missed blogging. Other than for Christmas Eve and Day I have been make-up less and in yoga pants so I thought it was only fair to pay tribute to casual days and today, even though it's Thursday, seemed perfect. I'm exhausted, but happy and can't wait to have a little more time to spend back here … [Read more...]

A Fine Dime: A Sunday Baby Shower (re-purposing that summery dress!)


If I did A Fine Dime post on what I'm wearing today you would be disappointed. VERY. I worked out this morning so yoga pants and a hoodie are all I'll venture  into. There are days like this and besides... if I looked nice every time someone saw me the bar would be WAAAY high and I can't have that now! So, today I'm talking about re-purposing that fun summery dress that you LOVE but feel like … [Read more...]