NWA Boutique Show & JOYN {Giveaway}

NWA Boutique Show

Congrats to Kim, the winner! Kim, email me at TheBusyNothingsATgmailDOTcom to claim your prize! Because... who doesn't need a night out with a friend every now & then? Hey local friends! Some of you may remember that last year that I did a fun giveaway for the NWA Boutique Show- I decided to partner with them again and do a Giveaway because... 1. This is a SUPER FUN event- so many … [Read more...]

The Global Shoppe {of emeralds and golds}

the global shoppe 1

 I love shopping at The Global Shoppe- in a day and age when we want our purchases to matter, places like the Global Shoppe are places you feel good about spending your money. Their story is of beauty from ashes- check them out and share their message. This is the first of two blog posts that I'll be doing.  Mallory Berry did the pics and they are perfect. I had such a good time helping The … [Read more...]

NWA Boutique Show VIP Tickets, Bliss Cupcake & the Global Shoppe {Giveaway for NW Arkansas}


Congrats to Jacqueline Presley for winning the giveaway!!!! WOW! Jacqueline is going to start to write for this blog starting soon so I almost picked someone else to be "fair" but since she isn't writing for me yet, not picking her would be even MORE unfair. :) I'm so happy that she won, for everyone else, thanks for entering and hope to see you this weekend! ********** I absolutely love … [Read more...]