Days 27, 28 & 29 #30daysofThanksgiving


Days 27: I am thankful for anticipation. I loved planning for Thanksgiving. I had my list, my thoughts and the ideas of what Thanksgiving would be be.  I've outgrown the Christmas anticipation for myself but still have it for Thanksgiving. Maybe it's because I love food and love to serve people that which I love. I'm not sure exactly but the anticipation for this meal is something I look forward … [Read more...]

Baked Eggs in a Stuffing Cup

baked eggs in a stuffing cup

As a lot of you know I work for an awesome vendor and one of their brands is Great Day Farms Eggs. I spend a lot of time looking at egg recipes and egg trends and in the context of Thanksgiving, this recipe popped up. I'm really not sure who came up with this 2-ingredient miracle, but I tried it this morning and it was AMAZING tasting and SIMPLE to make. Baked Eggs in a Stuffing Cup 1 dozen … [Read more...]

Boxed vs Made-from-scratch: A Thanksgiving (horror) Story

As I was reading through all the posts on Thanksgiving preparations and shopping, along with the travels others are doing, it got me thinking on Thanksgivings past. I remember certain dishes, the lace tablecloth, the fancy china and real silver silverware (and hating the fact we had to polish it beforehand and hand wash it afterwards...) I remember candle light, beauty, warmth and contentment... … [Read more...]