Bear vs. Blankie III (Teaser)


Not gonna lie...I've been putting off this part of the story because it HORRIFIED me to see the pictures I'm about to show you the first time, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go there again. (If you need PART ONE and PART TWO to catch up...) Christmas Eve is always at my parents house.  We start out around 10 am with brunch, which usually consists of fondue french toast and homemade  maple … [Read more...]

An explanation of sorts…{Teddy Bear vs. Blankie Part One}


I am not sure how many parts this series will end up being, but here goes nothing! Some of you follow me on facebook, and since Christmas, my sister and I have been posting all kinds of crazy photos.  You have asked what the heck is going on...This is my attempt at explaining what and why. First I must introduce the 'players' if you will: 1) Sarea: Born 1/30/75.  She received in the hospital … [Read more...]