Sweet Friends

MJ and Rhonda at camper arrival.  They just love being together and MJ always looks to find Rhonda to be next to her.

The camp season has started back up and though my roll is very different in the summer the love of the camp experience is still the same. I am always changed by the things that happen here and always touched no matter how many times I have seen the same weeks, same campers, and everything camp. Today I want to share a sweet story of two precious friends that love each other so much and yet … [Read more...]

Campers arrive- the joy of being loved


On this day walking through the cabin filled woods you hear many sounds of camp; birds chirping, squirrels, an occasional dog bark, and the overwhelming shouts of volunteers and staff saying back and forth, " WE LOVE CAMPERS YES WE DO!  WE LOVE CAMPERS HOW ABOUT YOU!?"  Even though the last statement doesn't fit into the typical sounds of the woods, to me they are so vital to these particular … [Read more...]