Snow Day!


One of my favorite things about living here in Northwest Arkansas is the way everything shuts down when it snows. Even better if there is sleet or ice before the snow begins! I love the run on the bread and milk at the store. I love the hope and anticipation of winter weather. I love it even more when the weather predictions come true. I love being trapped at home. (… I mean, in … [Read more...]

bright and white snow business


After the disappointment of not getting a white Christmas like the forecast said, a small storm crept it's way in and gave us a thick, surprise dusting that sent the boys into an excited, noses-pressed-against-the-glass frenzy. Me as well! I was unprepared and Bug had mismatching gloves and Bear wore some socks from the hospital from his last surgery. It didn't matter, they ran around in circles … [Read more...]