Real Love Series: My Story, Part 3


read the previous installment here... Ben tilted his head, smiling quizzically, a little confused. His smile made my heart jump. I'll be honest here, I had tried to avoid him after the worship meeting. I had decided that suddenly I was a mature, confident woman who didn't need a man. (clearly evidenced by my avoidance...) Every deflection mechanism was in strongly in place and I was … [Read more...]

Real Love Stories: My Story, Part 2


Part 2. {read Part 1 Here} It was my 19th birthday, a few short weeks into the fall of my freshman year.  The crispness of fall was hinting on early mornings, classes were getting settled into and the stress and excitement of a new life was feeling a bit more normal. A group of people from the on campus ministry I was involved with got together and took me out for smoothies right about when that … [Read more...]

Real Love Stories: My Story


I'm picking this up again almost a year to date, a heavy mantle and heart pounding with the intensity of it. This Real Love Series we started last year.  You still get tired when you are right living.  Perhaps it's my sin interwoven in my daily existence; lost temper, thoughts unholy and a book of other sins I can sweep under my soul rug for a time being, but even living right where I'm … [Read more...]

Real Love Series: Julie’s Story, Part 2

If you haven’t read the Introduction to this series, I recommend that you do. We are sharing Real Love stories. Stories that have hurt, pain but maturity and ultimately, JOY. In a culture that is so fast paced, self-focused and all about the falling in love part of our story with no concept of afterwards, we here at the Busy Nothings are striving to sit back and share from our own experiences … [Read more...]