Not My Own.


How ironic, I thought briefly watching Bear fall through the air, banging against a metal bar with his face before falling on his head on the ground. Less than 2 hours ago I had been telling my friend that I believed in Chiropractic services and I wish that I could afford them again. When my 2 boys were babies I took each of them their first year and feel that is made a huge difference in their … [Read more...]

Beauty in the Mess


I'm always laughing. I'm always smiling. It's so funny really, perhaps it's the smiles and laughter of someone saying under their breath "if I wasn't laughing, I'd be crying" but for whatever reason I'm getting dozens of tiny little wrinkles around my perpetually crinkled eyes. At a doctor's appointment with the boys I was told by him, "I can always tell which families are happy ones, … [Read more...]

Life With {My Precious} Boys.


As the boys try to choke each other in the living room, Bug dancing out of his brothers reach with the puzzle piece he knows his older brother wants, I can't help but sigh in resignation of the day. My white flag is up, hands held high in the deepest surrender. I give up for today and I feel physically beat up. Finishing a conversation with Ben as he drove home on this epic fail of a day I said, … [Read more...]

VLOG- Parenting

I love my two boys, they are as different as they could be! In today's VLOG I talk about the difficulties of having an energetic (aggressive?) child and a calm-laid back child (victim?) and they contrasting feelings it creates. Advice? PLEASE!   … [Read more...]