DIY: Furniture To-Do’s

dresser before

Ben is laughing at me. I have pulled out three pieces on furniture from the garage and have been cleaning brushes, organizing and taking inventory. This is what I do- it's all or nothing! I'm so excited about my projects and am determined to get some things done while it is still nice outside. I am hoping to go ahead and sell most of these pieces at one of my friend's booth's at a local flea … [Read more...]

Dining Room Makeover: AFTER


Quite honestly this is probably the most excited I've ever been about a post. I do a lot of before/afters but this really takes the cake. It's by far my most ambitious project I've undertaken and I've stretched myself  as a person... and also stretched Ben. :) To be fair, I warned him before we got into this that he'd have to be involved. I'm a team player and luckily we work well on projects … [Read more...]

Dining Room Makeover: Getting Started


As I've said before, I love Before/Afters. They make my heart pound with accomplishment and I can't help but smile. Getting there may drive me insane, but it's ALWAYS worth it afterwords. Nothing feels better than fighting your way through something and be able to see a tangible outcome- like for me- a beautiful finished Dining Room, done the way I dreamed. To get the supplies for my room … [Read more...]

Glidden Mini-Makeover Giveaway!


REMINDER: Contest ends TODAY- FRIDAY, AUGUST 26th at Midnight A lot of things make me happy.  I love those moments of pure rapture, when my heart pounds out of it's chest and I wonder if life could ever be better. I think I crave those moments because they make me feel alive inside, awake in the beauty surrounding me.  I love my kids smiles, I love gourmet food … [Read more...]