of patience and the heartache


Most of you didn't know, some of you had heard and a few of you knew it all. We had expected to be living somewhere else this week.  I've lightly mentioned it, but it started last July, when we both felt God tell us we were moving to the mountains. We pursued the avenue we felt he called us through. and it didn't work out. Simply, it wasn't his will. Perhaps it's at this time, perhaps … [Read more...]

On Waiting Well

When I lived overseas, the public transportation was, to say the least, unpredictable. You might wait 30 seconds between buses or 30 minutes or more. The longer the time between buses, the larger the silent crowd would gather and the tensions would rise as people stepped forward out of place. We'd hear the bus before it came over the hill. There would be a quiet gasp, a push forward and a … [Read more...]

Cold Seasoned Warmth


Some of the most beautiful weather this year has been in the last two months. The months that are usually cold, windy and dark have been filled with light, warmth and beauty. I love beauty. My soul craves it on a level beyond my comprehension. I love my boys. I don't think that I've ever enjoyed them more than I have these last few months. I love the post nap snuggles, their small hands … [Read more...]

shattered teacups & high hedges


My mom had an amazing collection of antique tea cups that belonged to my great grand-mother. They were beautiful, porcelain and delicate. Various shapes, sizes and colors; the kind of cups that Princesses drank tea out of. The handles were intricate, and each tea cup shone with rainbows and sunshine in my child's mind and my heart would beat in a quickened rhythm when my mother would let me … [Read more...]