Pertaining to First World Problems*


If you read my last post about how our AC went out and I might have gone a little crazy, you might be wondering how that has ended for us. Well, I am happy to report that as of Wednesday evening we once again have air conditioning! {cue loud cheering crowd} After posting my plea, things began to happen: Miracle 1:  The company, which previously had told us that they "couldn't find the … [Read more...]

Falling with Style


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the best night of my life


Heat lightning crackled in the sky, a large strip of it visible to the left of where I was sitting under the large tent. The deep ocean colors swirled in the layers of clouds moving high up, cool breezes occasionally glancing down upon us below, the sticky, sweaty ones. There would be a quick intake of breath, sitting up taller as if our spines were shocked, our heads tilted towards it, inhaling … [Read more...]

Living Locally: 28 Springs

28 Springs

***Disclaimer: I'm a 2014 brand ambassador to 28 Springs & James at the Mill but, as you know me, you know that my thoughts and opinions are all my own. I was not paid to write this but received a free dinner and want to share about my great experience with you guys!*** I really think that the person who write the book of love languages was pretty brilliant. He wrote in a way that helped … [Read more...]