Living Locally: 28 Springs

28 Springs

***Disclaimer: I'm a 2014 brand ambassador to 28 Springs & James at the Mill but, as you know me, you know that my thoughts and opinions are all my own. I was not paid to write this but received a free dinner and want to share about my great experience with you guys!*** I really think that the person who write the book of love languages was pretty brilliant. He wrote in a way that helped … [Read more...]

Day 2 #30daysofThanksgiving


Day 2: 99 Balloons & rEcess! Ben and I have such great support locally with family and friends but it's still really hard to get a date night past a quick bite to eat. Last night, because of rEcess, we had 3 1/2 hours to sit together, dreaming and brainstorming of a new project and direction for Ben. It brought life. What rEcess does is serve locally the community of special needs families by … [Read more...]

Ozark Corn Maze

Ozark Corn Maze

I have a little secret...Corn fields frighten me. I mean, I'm not typically too much of a scaredy cat, but in scary movies, scary things happen in corn fields. That being said- in spite of my fears, for the last couple of years I've wanted to go to a corn maze. Ben has not wanted to go to one. In fact... we  are opposites in almost every area, financially opposites just happens to be in … [Read more...]

Living Locally: The Crescent Store

The Crescent, Prairie Grove

Photo credit to Rebecca Pilotte Photography As part of my “Living Local” series I’ve started this spring, I decided to poll my friends on Facebook and  ask others in person, what their favorite local places to shop were. Most people got excited about 1 or 2 stores and had a quick sales pitch of why they liked that place. After talking to a few hundred people who live in this area, I … [Read more...]