Family #30daysofREAL


Between events, weddings, guests, dinners and etc, etc etc... recovery and life here I am again... In case you missed why Jacqueline and I are writing about 30 Days of real, read here. I hope that you've been enjoying our Instagram, Twitter and FB posts every day! More than us, I've absolutely loved getting little glimpses into the other people that have joined in! Thank YOU! Yesterday … [Read more...]

Play like a Child


Sometimes I don't take the time to stop and appreciate the little things in life. I might watch something but not have the poetic depth to really appreciate the perfection in the simple. Usually when I watch my kids playing, it's from a mom's perspective, where I'm watching and worrying about my two reckless kids doing something that would require another ER visit. To see these pictures … [Read more...]

Snow Day!


One of my favorite things about living here in Northwest Arkansas is the way everything shuts down when it snows. Even better if there is sleet or ice before the snow begins! I love the run on the bread and milk at the store. I love the hope and anticipation of winter weather. I love it even more when the weather predictions come true. I love being trapped at home. (… I mean, in … [Read more...]

of the crazy & the laughter


Life is busy. I make lists all the time where the boxes remain unchecked. I really need to call her! I really do need to clean my toilets and scrub a shower (or three...) I should work out more. I need to eat less. I wish I read more to the boys. I can't believe Bear is starting Kindergarten. Don't want to think about it... I hope that my kids aren't negatively affected from me working … [Read more...]