Who am I? (guest post by Sherry Kettner)


Who are you?  I have been asked this a lot lately. I have been asked it in work, outside of work, and even my counselor has asked me this questions.  Each time I have clearly stated my disdain for the question.  "I hate that question", has been the actual statement. As the question was asked more and more and it was a counseling homework assignment, I found I had to answer it … [Read more...]

Pendulums {Choosing Truth}

Living out loud is hard. There is so much noise out here. I've been blogging for almost 7 years and still sometimes I feel like I've entered a crowded room of people, all talking so loudly, trying to be heard above the others, and I just want to hold my hands over my ears. At the end of the day so many people want to be heard but don't have a lot to say. It's so easy to criticize and preach from … [Read more...]

Words More Than People


I haven't written much in the last month or so but I am stepping back in to tell you why I haven't been writing, through writing, (kind of a silly process... I'm super aware =-)). It hasn't been that I don't have stories that could be shared it is simply that there is something new happening in my life and I have had to step back in order to understand it all. The Lord has been taking me on … [Read more...]

The Bounce


I feel fairly comfortable sharing my weaknesses here- it's a safe place for me and I feel anyone that comes here and decides to stay and read is doing it because they want to. I'm not shouting from a soapbox on a street corner, commanding people to pay attention to me- instead I feel sometimes like we are having a quiet conversation in a dimly lit coffee bar, as we lounge on comfortable chairs … [Read more...]