My “Child of the Week”


My 4-year-old started preschool a few weeks ago and this week he is the "child of the week". The point is to let all the kids get to express themselves and get to know each other in a different way. He had to pick his favorite book to share with the class and selected the BIBLE. :D  Ben and I just looked at each other and wondered if the teacher was going to be "Riiiiiiight, parents. he picked … [Read more...]

the real life.


watching them makes me happy. my two boys. Ben and I watch in amazement, their small bodies with such energy and drive, running around, making messes and giving us a peek into how much God does indeed, love us.  the second report card from kindergarten was mostly encouraging; improvement in areas but flat lined in others. the 6-year-old scribbles eclectically when others nearby press their … [Read more...]

Play like a Child


Sometimes I don't take the time to stop and appreciate the little things in life. I might watch something but not have the poetic depth to really appreciate the perfection in the simple. Usually when I watch my kids playing, it's from a mom's perspective, where I'm watching and worrying about my two reckless kids doing something that would require another ER visit. To see these pictures … [Read more...]

Life With Boys {A Jennifer Flowers Shoot}


A few of my favorites. :) 2013 This is who we are right now and I love pictures that perfectly capture that brief moment. … [Read more...]