the real life.


watching them makes me happy. my two boys. Ben and I watch in amazement, their small bodies with such energy and drive, running around, making messes and giving us a peek into how much God does indeed, love us.  the second report card from kindergarten was mostly encouraging; improvement in areas but flat lined in others. the 6-year-old scribbles eclectically when others nearby press their … [Read more...]

Play like a Child


Sometimes I don't take the time to stop and appreciate the little things in life. I might watch something but not have the poetic depth to really appreciate the perfection in the simple. Usually when I watch my kids playing, it's from a mom's perspective, where I'm watching and worrying about my two reckless kids doing something that would require another ER visit. To see these pictures … [Read more...]

Life With Boys {A Jennifer Flowers Shoot}


A few of my favorites. :) 2013 This is who we are right now and I love pictures that perfectly capture that brief moment. … [Read more...]

Day 6 #30daysofThanksgiving


Day 6: I'm so thankful for my 2 healthy boys. Despite therapies, the occasional surgery and food allergies we are really a super healthy family. I love that Bear is growing and developing so well despite some early set backs! I'm thankful that I can look forward to a life with him, that the biggest health symptoms of William's Syndrome are not things we even have to think about. I'm so thankful … [Read more...]