Real LIFE Stories: Double Income No Kids {Fostering}


I admit I'm a bit partial for Katy, my little sister. It's been a priveledge to get to grow up with someone this passionate, beautiful inside and out and also living out her beliefs in a real and challenging way. Part of our month dedicated to children is about a call to action in a warm and gentle way. This is her story, be inspired and uplifted.  ~Heidi *************** I've written about … [Read more...]

Real Love… The beginning patchwork of something beautiful


Love..... such a word in our culture. Often it is just that, a word.  In the same breath that we say we have the deepest and most adoring love for someone we also so passionately proclaim the love we have for the new Taco Bell Doritos taco.  We are not only a culture that doesn't understand true love but we don't even have the words in our language to begin to understand it. While you … [Read more...]

Jenna, Me and the Donkey….


So as Sarea has talked about county living and the interesting parts of it all I began to realize more and more that I too am now living in the country and my internal response was..                                                                                                                                Wait!... I live … [Read more...]