Brain power… where oh where have you gone?


My last post was all about my return from lingering in the dark ages for a few weeks with out any internet access and the great return I would have in my writing journey following the grand internet restoration.  Well... that return has proven it's self to be an epic fail. I have been racking my brain for weeks about things to write and the truth is that I just have nothing... I mean nothing. … [Read more...]

Life, abudent

Sometimes I just have to laugh. After weeks and weeks of Ben not working nearly enough hours and being at home a lot, I began to wonder if this is how a retired couple felt. We watched each other too much... not necessarily in a "come hither" kind of way... but with helpful eyes. Suggestions such as, "well, if you did it THAT way it may work better" from him and "So, since you are here all the … [Read more...]

Earning Bread

Lately I've wanted to post on a new DIY or craft-esque idea- but honestly I've not had the time or the energy to do anything. I think my ability to receive inspiration and have excitement has a lot to do with how things are going on in my life and lately everything has been different and a little difficult. Different isn't always bad- but usually when it's different things like hobbies take a … [Read more...]

things said over meatloaf


Do you ever have something that you need to say that is kind of negative in an otherwise positive conversation? For example:  You went over your clothing budget for the not only the month but the YEAR and you are trying to get up the nerve to tell your husband. "So, the boys did really well today at school. Timmy got an A on his math test and Billy scored a goal in soccer OH and (cough cough) … [Read more...]