Wordless Wednesday: Ruh Roh


Egg. Everywhere. … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

fam pic4

Follow-up to My Sweet Family- in which I recounted a photography session of epically challenging proportion. Aren't we just the perfect family?? … [Read more...]

It’s the kind of day that…


-you keep banging your elbows, hips and elbows on any available sharp edge. -you are glad you cooked a lot yesterday because if you have to turn on the stove you may loose your mind and set fire to your house. -you made coffee but it tasted horrible so the sluggish, comatose brain of someone with 3 hours of sleep persists although you actually got 9 for once. -you realize now, after 30 … [Read more...]

No Monday Happies


OH my goodness it's that time of the week again. The time I wonder to myself, "Why did I try to do a regular post on my page because by the time Monday rolls around I have nothing HAPPY TO SAY!" Seriously. I guess that is why- to try to see the positive and focus on the good instead of being down and depressing on Monday like I want to be BUT it didn't happen. Hope you aren't crushed. Instead … [Read more...]