Do You Have A Date For Prom Yet?


The title of this post was a text I recently sent to one of my friends who is a senior in college and to remind you that I am neither in high school or college anymore so this on every account was a strange text to send. In the last post I wrote I shared that I would be writing about another event that we recently attended... Well... Here it is. I am going to tell you a story about the best … [Read more...]

Beauty Beyond Beauty


If you have not read the introduction to this months theme I would encourage you to do so.  The intro was written by Heidi and it is such an amazing post and a beautiful story to be heard.  I work for Camp Barnabas specifically as the director of Barnabas Prep. Barnabas Prep is a live-in teaching program for young adults with special needs, and with this there is a lot of work everyday.  Class … [Read more...]

Beauty & the Heart


"Wife, mom, lover of BEAUTY." Reads one bio. "Wife to Ben, mom to 2 young boys, one with #specialneeds. I cook #glutenfree, enjoy creative fashion and chase God's BEAUTY where ever it takes me." Reads my Twitter profile. *************** Beauty is a way that God relates to me which permeates all areas of my life. It's not just fashion, it's not just nature, it's all the little ways that … [Read more...]