Baked Chicken with Tomato & Basil {Gluten Free}

smart chicken recipe

As a lot of you already know, lately I've been struggling with my 2 year old's nutrition. The other day I posted a snarky Facebook update at 2 am in an exhausted frustration after denying my child an alternate dinner in a (desperate) attempt to get him to be less picky. The result of my firm line of parenting is that he was wide awake screeching he was hungry! We had a banana snack around 2:30 am … [Read more...]

Full Core {An Exercise Nothings Story}

We were walking outside for an Adventure Walk (ie- me trying to keep them alive while walking in our neighborhood...) and the FedEx truck pulled up with the Full Core. That is Bug running to the truck- clearly the FedEx driver is more concerned than I was...

Getting back into shape is hard, especially with it being colder outside and my body naturally requesting a second bowl of cheesy chili with Fritos... or Halloween Candy... and I could go on and on here. I love to eat and honestly feel like I'm hungry more often when it's colder. As I learn to eat less as I'm exercising regularly, a little help occasionally is a great thing and that's why I was … [Read more...]

perception & transparency


Later this week Bear has an appointment with a gastroenterologist (and yes, I spelled that right the first time!) at Children's Hospital. If you were about to click away to google what a "gastroenterologist" is, I'll just fill you in my layperson's terms: A stomach and intestines doctor who deals with all sorts of hard-to-diagnose issues. Which is what we have had for years with Bear, but it's … [Read more...]

To Love Myself: Health and Truth

in the Light

After not being able to eat a meal for 4 days because of a bad case of strep throat, I began to appreciate how delicious food is and LIFE giving. Every time I'd try to eat I'd be choking it down and the effort to swallow felt like needles stabbing me. This was a terrible, terrible ordeal and in the middle of it I found myself bargaining with God for health, praying to God for health and … [Read more...]