“Oh Beloved…” a guest post by Rebekah Beene

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I have known the Beene family since I was in middle school.  My friend Diona was, as I recall, my only friend at the small Baptist church our family attended while we lived in southern Arkansas. It was hard to make friends in a community where people had been friends since they were in diapers!  I loved going to Diona's home because her mom always kept sweets in the house! True story! My … [Read more...]

Learning to Carpe the Diem {Guest Post}


Today I have to confess I am a bit proud. Not of anything I've done or said, just because I'm proud of our guest poster today in an almost maternal way. I've known and loved Claire Bailey since she was just a dorky pre-teen with braces. :) To see her evolve into such an amazing  20-year-old woman who is beautiful inside and out is just a privilege. I'm totally saying this to embarrass her … [Read more...]

Muscular Dystrophy Association {a Call to Action}


Hi Readers! From time to time I have the privilege to spotlight worthy non-profits and fund raisers for good causes. I feel that part of my job as a blogger is to bring awareness ways that you can help others. What is fun about today is that my guest poster is also my COUSIN- Andy Nelson. :)  The thing about Andy that I've always loved is that he's involved. He cares. From the time I was in … [Read more...]

Skateboarding: 20 Years later… {#shaunwhitesupplyco}

Whittle and skateboarding

...written by Chris Whittle, dev guru and wannabe skateboarder.  So let me give you a little background about me. I was that kid in junior high school who wanted a skateboard but their parents were like most and wouldn't allow it (think of the famous line in A Christmas Story but with the threat of broken appendages). Luckily that didn't stop me, I had a neighbor that was few years older … [Read more...]