Cold Seasoned Warmth


Some of the most beautiful weather this year has been in the last two months. The months that are usually cold, windy and dark have been filled with light, warmth and beauty. I love beauty. My soul craves it on a level beyond my comprehension. I love my boys. I don't think that I've ever enjoyed them more than I have these last few months. I love the post nap snuggles, their small hands … [Read more...]

To Love Myself: Comparison and Grief


I think my favorite time of day is when Bug goes to bed. He is non-stop energy and runs around the house all of his waking hours. He needs constant steering and direction, from the gentle to the stern, he is verbally draining as well as physically. I feel sometimes I'm simply doing nothing right or well with him. I tell him the same thing every day and it doesn't seem to sink in. He has large … [Read more...]