Saying hello to Gracie


Gracie Martin has been writing her and her husband's amazing story of challenge, sacrifice and love over the past month (click on the Favorite Nothings Tab to read Gracie's Story) and she has told their story is such beautiful ways.  Through her sharing she opened a door for many to feel the freedom to share their stories, feel not alone, and believe that there is hope in all the mess of who we … [Read more...]

Real Love Series: Gracie’s Story, Part 4

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If you haven’t read the Introduction to this series, I highly recommend that you do, as well as Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3. We are sharing Real Love stories. Stories that have hurt, pain but maturity and ultimately, joy. In a culture that is so fast paced, self-focused and all about the falling in love part of our story with no concept of afterwards, we here at the Busy Nothings are … [Read more...]

Real Love… The beginning patchwork of something beautiful


Love..... such a word in our culture. Often it is just that, a word.  In the same breath that we say we have the deepest and most adoring love for someone we also so passionately proclaim the love we have for the new Taco Bell Doritos taco.  We are not only a culture that doesn't understand true love but we don't even have the words in our language to begin to understand it. While you … [Read more...]