“Trail Mix” No Bake Cookies {Gluten-Free Optional}


I like quick and easy foods- I don't make a lot of desserts for my kids and I usually over think any sweet things I DO make them...  I try so hard not to use unhealthy ingredients that I just end up ... not making anything. I've been wanting to make a recipe with Bob's Red Mill Museli that my kids would eat. Granted, I could have bought all the ingredients separately but I'm going to just say … [Read more...]

Green Quinoa Pilaf (Gluten-Free, Vegan)


I love quinoa- it is amazing. The cool thing about quinoa is that it's like oatmeal. You can make it with sugar; raisins & milk or cook it like rice and put in in a salad... or you can be like me and make a sort of quinoa pilaf. Pilaf meaning a grain cooked in a broth or seasoning. This is my favorite way to cook it because it re-heats so well and is actually pretty good cold. I like to use … [Read more...]

Chewy Granola Bar recipe {Gluten-Free}


Sometimes when I cook I think Martha Stewart should come knocking on my door. I twirl around my kitchen, making deliciousness magically, pouring pre-measured bowls of ingredients like a pro and singing to the forest animals gathered at my windows.... Then other days my snotty-nosed, molar cutting 16-month-old clings to my leg, making walking impossible.  I  throw my Sunbutter into the … [Read more...]

A Manly Meal: Grilled Venison


This is about the time of year that our men get all MANLY and start planning on killing Bambi in the woods and then proudly stuff our freezers full of the deer meat. Most women I know don't like the meat and usually the men do all the cooking of it. Like, Deer Meat Chili... a lot of it... and the woman politely tolerates it. Actually Ben doesn't hunt. He considers it every year but his … [Read more...]