{The Best} Potato Bacon Soup AND {Superb} Supreme Pizza Soup


Today is s twofer. Toofer? Whatever. Two for One. Being snowed in has made me a bit crazy… Don't tell anyone… this is a secret… but I find that when I get overwhelmed with the boys being… well, boys- I escape into the kitchen with my sanity and imagination and end up with about 10 extra pounds in the last 4 days delicious things I get to serve to my excited family. So, it … [Read more...]

Mega Stacked Toast

Great Day Farms Eggs

Disclosure: I work for Great Day Farms, however I purchased the ingredients for this post myself and this post is done on my personal blog without payment for the love of good foods. :)  My boys are really into super heroes. "I'm Ironman, ba ba ba ba!" shrieks the 3 year old, jumping off the edge of the couch and landing like a cat, clearly getting his coordination from Ben, not I. the 6 … [Read more...]

Easy Bacon-Egg Cups


I saw these on Pinterest awhile ago and have been dying to make them ever sense.  I'm going to guess it was the Pioneer Woman who inspired me thus, but I'm not sure and to the genius who came up with these- these bacon and egg goodness- THANK YOU. These are so easy that a recipe is barely needed, just looking at them tells it all but I decided to break it down for the fun of it. What you … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Foodie Edition


I have been on vacation the last week and could post several mouthwatering pics- today is one my sister and I created at home. Sorry in advance for all the drool that will be on your computer...  ohhh and to answer the obvious next question: There was an open bottle of wine nearby. :) … [Read more...]