... was Mother's Day. I had a perfect day full blue skies, the warm sun, happy voices, picnics, sleeping late, a new mint dress, famous art that made my heart pound and Starbucks. :) Maybe no day is truly perfect (Bear refused to listen to us while he rode his bike on a pathway and crashed an Indian Kite Festival) but perhaps it was the small mistakes, frustrations and "SMILE DANGGIT AT … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

photo (3)

Bug photo bombing a picture of my Grandparents from the weekend. :) I had an amazing time in south Texas, near Austin. Vacation was restful (mostly) and family time was soul satisfying. The travel had it's ups and downs with the kids getting restless but overall, the time was perfection and I felt a sense of satisfaction when we loaded up the diry, sweaty kids and got back on the road. :) Ohh, … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Gus & Lola


I'm in Texas this week visiting my mom's side of the family. A file was pulled out full of photos and stories and I fell in love with this one. I've poured over papers, snippets of information and names of people I'd never heard. I found out that our family has a coat of arms- "Be Faithful" is our motto. Above is my Great-Grandfather and Great-Grandmother, Gus and Lola. He was Scottish and she … [Read more...]

Boxed vs Made-from-scratch: A Thanksgiving (horror) Story

As I was reading through all the posts on Thanksgiving preparations and shopping, along with the travels others are doing, it got me thinking on Thanksgivings past. I remember certain dishes, the lace tablecloth, the fancy china and real silver silverware (and hating the fact we had to polish it beforehand and hand wash it afterwards...) I remember candle light, beauty, warmth and contentment... … [Read more...]