Vintage, Glitter and White Christmas Mantle {DIY}

Decorated Mantle

This year Christmas decorations are all about Vintage, Glitter and White. This year I decided not to put up my Christmas Tree. I know, collectively everyone can gasp with horror! ... it's a weird decision but I DID put up a small one with some unbreakable (we'll see about that...) ornaments on so the boys at least have something. Why, you ask, did I not put a tree up? Well, for those of you … [Read more...]

A Fine Dime: Belting Baggy Dresses


I am a collector of other people's hand-me-downs, thrift store scraps and garage sale discards. This dress was featured in my original post at NWA Motherloade but I never really said where I got the stuff so I decided to revisit this picture. I love grey!  This dress was off a rack at a Goodwill in Boulder, CO. I think that I've said this before, but anytime you travel, visit the local … [Read more...]

A Fine Dime: Casual Fridays


I know it's Thursday... RIGHT? I have lost track of the days with Bear home from school and have sorely missed blogging. Other than for Christmas Eve and Day I have been make-up less and in yoga pants so I thought it was only fair to pay tribute to casual days and today, even though it's Thursday, seemed perfect. I'm exhausted, but happy and can't wait to have a little more time to spend back here … [Read more...]

A Fine Dime: A Sunday Baby Shower (re-purposing that summery dress!)


If I did A Fine Dime post on what I'm wearing today you would be disappointed. VERY. I worked out this morning so yoga pants and a hoodie are all I'll venture  into. There are days like this and besides... if I looked nice every time someone saw me the bar would be WAAAY high and I can't have that now! So, today I'm talking about re-purposing that fun summery dress that you LOVE but feel like … [Read more...]