Wordless Wednesday…Country Living Style

Garden Country Living

"You look peaceful", she said.  "It's like you are one with nature", she said... I'm hot, sweaty, covered in bug bites, aching legs and back...   But I'm at peace. … [Read more...]

Country Living {At the Creek}

tossing rocks

A couple weeks ago I woke up and thought, "I want to take the kids to the creek and let them swim for the first time this year."  Since I homeschool, I had grand plans of getting school done early, packing a small lunch and heading out with them to the creek just down the road. Upon their waking up I announced my grandiose idea and then stepped back waiting for the squeals … [Read more...]

Country Living AND Fashion…?


So, after staying up late Friday evening watching movies and hanging out with the kids and some friends, my dad calls Saturday morning to let me know that he and my BIL are going to cut wood.  I inform him that I will get the kids up and around and that we will join them in about an hour.  FIFTEEN minutes later, my dad is in my backyard attempting to burn the garden so we can get it tilled up … [Read more...]

Country Living vs. City Living

text messages

  Normally I wouldn't be able to post anything in regards to "City Living", but my brother and dear SIL gave me the opportunity to live in the city,  at their place of residence, in a house, on a paved street, in a neighborhood for a WEEK while they traveled to Colorado.  They also left me in charge of my two adorable nephews, Bear and Bug...(Check out my 'Life With Nephews' post … [Read more...]