What Christmas Is All About… (Guest Post)


This is a guest post from my dear daughter Madison.  She just turned 12 in November.  This was written Christmas Eve and then she read it to the family at lunch. What Christmas Is About... By Madison My opinion in what Christmas is about.  Well I think that Christmas is about family coming together to celebrate the birth of Jesus!!!!! And spend time with each other and just hang out!  Now … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Visiting Santa for the first time

Visiting Santa!

PS. Bear was saying loudly in line "Santa not real!" which is hilarious because I've never told him that. Then he saw him and digested the fact he may, actually, be real. He started to (I think) imagine all the presents he could ask for while I took this picture. Right afterwords, he told Santa he wanted a "4-wheeler, tractor and pillows". PPS. Yes, Bug is wearing Spider-Man PJ's and camouflage … [Read more...]

“Hot Chocolate” Cake Balls (Gluten Free)


YES REALLY!!! Browsing on Pinterest last month, (I have a Follow button on my side bar where you can link to my boards!), I stumbled across the most delectable pictures EVER! Take a look here at Be Different, Act Normal. Yes, you read my title right. Hot Chocolate and Cake Balls. Together. In a perfect matrimony of deliciousness. I decided that I HAD to make a gluten-free version for a … [Read more...]

DIY “Green” Christmas Tags

I wrote this last year for a design blog and decided to re-post it for everyone one who is wrapping up Christmas gifts this week! This is a fun way to recycle all the crumpled bunches of tissue you saved to reuse then never did or the pieces of wrapping paper that were aren't needed. It's also fun to personalize little things on Christmas gifts and make them unique to go with your … [Read more...]