Top 8 Pre-Christmas Magical Moments

10. Sometimes it's has nothing to do with Christmas. I took the boys to a demolition site to watch a huge tractor thingie pick up piles of a building. They love it!

Some years are better than others: some Christmases are full of amazing presents and others are full of amazing memories. I don't think presents make the holiday at all but it's always fun to get your child that perfect gift that makes them light up.  This year, finances are pretty tight so it's gonna have to be all be about the memories. :) What memories are you making with your family this … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Visiting Santa for the first time

Visiting Santa!

PS. Bear was saying loudly in line "Santa not real!" which is hilarious because I've never told him that. Then he saw him and digested the fact he may, actually, be real. He started to (I think) imagine all the presents he could ask for while I took this picture. Right afterwords, he told Santa he wanted a "4-wheeler, tractor and pillows". PPS. Yes, Bug is wearing Spider-Man PJ's and camouflage … [Read more...]