Real Love Series: Julie’s Story, Part 1

real love series

If you haven’t read the Introduction to this series, I recommend that you do. We are sharing Real Love stories. Stories that have hurt, pain but maturity and ultimately, JOY. In a culture that is so fast paced, self-focused and all about the falling in love part of our story with no concept of afterwards, we here at the Busy Nothings are striving to sit back and share from our own experiences … [Read more...]

the ::real:: life


Love. As I sit across the room from Ben, the silence hangs in the air heavy like a cloud. I think of the fact I am posting a Real Love series on my blog and how at this moment I want to hit him and I hate the hypocrisy I feel. He said something that cut to my core and I hated him for it, I hated the truth in what he said to me. The boys are running around in circles, laughing, singing and … [Read more...]