#SoFabCon Experiences and Thoughts! {Vlog}

Here's a video of Sarea and I at her very first ever Blogger Conference! We talk about what we learned, what we liked and a few other things that might should have been edited out... … [Read more...]

I <3 Social Fabric


A lot of you regular readers know that occasionally Sarea and I do sponsored posts.  We are both fortunate enough to work with a local company, Collective Bias (Fun Fact: They were recently on Forbes top 100 Most Promising Companies) and their amazing international online blogging community Social Fabric. I really can say that any success I've had as a blogger has been because of their … [Read more...]

Skateboarding: 20 Years later… {#shaunwhitesupplyco}

Whittle and skateboarding

...written by Chris Whittle, dev guru and wannabe skateboarder.  So let me give you a little background about me. I was that kid in junior high school who wanted a skateboard but their parents were like most and wouldn't allow it (think of the famous line in A Christmas Story but with the threat of broken appendages). Luckily that didn't stop me, I had a neighbor that was few years older … [Read more...]

The Red Ryder {A Daisy Story}


If you knew at all what my title was, you must already be acquainted with Daisy Outdoor Products and their most well known BB gun. Last Friday I had the exciting opportunity to go behind the scenes and take a tour of a local company that has been in business since the 1800's! I am a sucker for history and loved hearing their story as well as seeing them in action hand-making their most beloved … [Read more...]