RIP Snickerdoodle {my cat, not the cookie}


I realize it's been a pretty epic bad week for my emotions about my dear cat slowly slipping from us - but I didn't realize how much it was affecting Bear and Bug until I heard Bug playing with his gray┬ápuppy- the one that looks just like my cat and said to me, blue eyes wide and ┬ásomber, "Puppy died." Earlier that week Bear unplugged my cell phone and it frustrated me quite a bit, "Stop … [Read more...]

Cat Grooming, among other things.

Rolo didn't speak to us for a day.

What was your weekend like? Ben has been working a ton lately. It's usually ok because I have a lot of family that lives locally so they help out, but the ole "honey do" list has been piling up. A little exasperated I told Ben a few of the things that we NEEDED to get done and he said to pick the most important one... Here is a picture of the after. :) … [Read more...]

Monday Happies

boys bath

Last week I decided to start up my Monday Happies series- here is the second installment. I had high hopes to do Mr. Linky today- but please comment and give me a link back to your happy blog post anyways! I need some Monday happies! If my posts seem a tad snarky or sarcastic, I was out of town last week and I'm exhausted but know that I mean every word I say in a good way too! HAH! I just threw … [Read more...]

of which I purchase and use a steam cleaner

Earlier, as I was holding my just turned 7-week-old while he was pooping, (already you can tell what kind of post this will be) I saw from across the room that Rolo was working up a good furball. I ran across the room, baby dangling from my arms, to move Rolo to the tile so I could clean up the vomit easier. She got bile on the carpet before I could move her and finished it up on the tile. Hearing … [Read more...]