A Big Announcement…


To anyone who knows us, this isn't actually that surprising of an announcement at all but I suppose it might seem a bit sudden to others. We are moving to Colorado. SOON. {FOR REALSIES} Well, I say that it might seem sudden to some of you but to be honest I'm still in some shock myself over the complete fluidness since this crazy adventure began August 1st.  It's as if every step was … [Read more...]

the real life.


watching them makes me happy. my two boys. Ben and I watch in amazement, their small bodies with such energy and drive, running around, making messes and giving us a peek into how much God does indeed, love us.  the second report card from kindergarten was mostly encouraging; improvement in areas but flat lined in others. the 6-year-old scribbles eclectically when others nearby press their … [Read more...]

Day 30 of #30daysofThanksgiving


Day 30: I am thankful for the here and now. I can't believe it's been 29 days since Day 1 of 30 Days of Thanksgiving.  I wish I could say something profound  that completely summarizes this last month- buuuuuut something that complete and final wouldn't really be what most of you see in me here. I'm such an ongoing mess of a story. I don't think a blog post will ever be closed with a … [Read more...]

Day 2 #30daysofThanksgiving


Day 2: 99 Balloons & rEcess! Ben and I have such great support locally with family and friends but it's still really hard to get a date night past a quick bite to eat. Last night, because of rEcess, we had 3 1/2 hours to sit together, dreaming and brainstorming of a new project and direction for Ben. It brought life. What rEcess does is serve locally the community of special needs families by … [Read more...]