Wordness Wednesday: Vanity


It's always fun taking pics of yourself when you feel great... I mean, I don't do it a lot,  but yeah, total VANITY. So, I was taking a quick picture of myself, liking my straight hair and hat combo...  and then saw two delivery guys watching me. Pointing and laughing. bahhhhhhh. ;)) … [Read more...]

The Belted Sweater Mystery


Today I'm washing my mattress cover, sheets and coverlet. No, surprisingly no one peed in my bed.  Bear decided to empty a trial sized bottle of mouth wash on my bed and although it did smell minty fresh, it left a big, wet looking spot even after it dried.  I can't make this stuff up. Having kids and babies changes your brain and your body; things that once were super annoying are just part of … [Read more...]

Hello there!

Hello from my new world here at theBusyNothings.com! I felt that it was time to move up in the world and get a .com. It's what allllll the cool bloggers are doing these days. I surprised you didn't know that. So, yeah. I have no idea what to do now with this page, lol. All the coolness in the world without knowledge isn't necessarily a good thing. I am looking for a good programmer to help me … [Read more...]