Summit & William’s Syndrome

IMG_7948If part of grieving is healing through acceptance, than perhaps I’m there. I realized the other day that I have never officially posted a whole article about Williams Syndrome or had a label on my blog for it until recently. Some people, I have become aware of, come to my blog to read about Summit (or Bear as I call him in some posts) and William’s Syndrome and how I’m dealing with life as it is now. I have posted about my struggle with this in the past, but never really have organized my blog to accommodate new readers to my story.

My story is so early and it’s not what my blog is about entirely. Although I think it’s a great idea to have a blog specifically to inform people about WS, I am personally too ignorant to explain it it all so my blog is about ME, living my life with a child with Williams Syndrome and I think you’ll find how surprisingly similar our stories are. So, it’s not about my child, or my husband or the syndrome. It’s about how my life was, and is now. I am still who I am, changed and refined much, but I’m the same person deep inside. I hope this blog ministers to you, it is epic, my story unfolding like a drama before me everyday, never knowing what will happen next. and I want to add… what a JOY. :)

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